School Profile
2017 - 2018


Student Activities

Club Activities, Extra-curricular Classes and Special Training

The School encourages students to stretch their potentials in multiple intelligence.

Our School has over 40 clubs and extra-curricular groups. They are divided into 6 categories, namely Academic Learning, Physical Development, Skills, Art, Services and Religious Faith. Lively and challenging training camps such as the S.2 Student Growth Scheme, S.1 Adventure-based Guidance Training Camp and Student Leaders Workshop are available to students for the purpose of enhancing their self-esteem and promoting cooperation.

To provide students with on-the-spot learning experiences.
The Company Programme gives students the chance to obtain work experience.

Academic Learning





Religious Belief

Chinese Club

Sports Club

Food Technology Club

Visual Arts  Club

Civic Education Services Group

Catholic Society

English Club

Basketball Group/

Chinese Debating Club

Drama Club

Disciplinary Prefect Services Group

Catechism Class


Volleyball Class/ Team

Team for Moot Court

Music Club

Life Planning and Careers Guidance Services Group

Catholic Student Class

Liberal Studies Club

Badminton Class/Team

Bird Watching Team

Chinese Orchestra

Junior Police Call

Salesian Youth – Laura’s Friends

Science Club

Tennis Class/


Symphonic Band

Junior Red Cross Cadet


Astronomy Club



Melodic Band

Library Prefect Services Group


History Club

Swimming Team


Chinese and Western Musical Instrument Classes

School Services Group


Geography Club

Cross Country Race



Social Services Group


JA Company Program



Dance Class

Senior Student Helpers


Putonghua Club




Video Recording and Photography Service






Campus Reporters






Eco Club


Leadership Groups

The Student Association is a group of student leaders elected by all students in the school after a whole-school consultation session. It serves to organize various activities to tighten the links between students and the School.

The Student Association, the Disciplinary Prefect Association and the Four Houses help strengthen the communication between the School and students and enhance students' skills in leadership and organization. Students may form cabinets and stand for election, thereby enriching their experience in democracy and accountability.

Exchange and Study Tour

The English Study Tour is a wonderful opportunity for learning English and widening students’ horizon.
Every year the school receives an overseas exchange student

Taiwan Cultural Exchange Study Tour
Cultural interflow with Seibi Gakuen Junior & Senior High School in Tokyo

Students have opportunities to visit the mainland and overseas countries for cultural exchange e.g. the New Zealand English Study Tour, L.S. Study Tour and Japan Cultural Exchange Tour. Our School participates in the AFS Intercultural Programs and each year hosts an exchange student from abroad. The exchange student joins us in all school events so that our students can have a better understanding of the culture and lifestyle of different countries.