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2C Cherry Leung (Battle of the Books) 18.4.2013
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At first, I thought it was a difficult task to organize a reading club. We had to read books, make power-points and present in front of teachers.

But when I started doing it, I did it smoothly and I was more confident after that. It definitely has helped me improve my reading skills and leadership in organizing activities
5D Kathy Lai (Travelling around the world in 30 minutes) 3.5.2013
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After holding a reading club, I definitely think I have gained a lot from it.

I experienced organizing an activity. Before, I have never organized any activity, and I even didn’t know how to do so. From organizing this reading club, I had a taste of organizing activity. It also strengthened my confidence.

Apart from gaining this experience, I have enriched my knowledge on travelling. Since the topic of my reading club was on travelling, so all participants shared their books on travelling in other countries. It widened my vision towards foreign countries which I was not familiar with before.

This experience was wonderful. I highly recommend other students to hold reading clubs in order to learn more from reading.