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4D Tracy Kwok (Battle of the Books) 27. 3 .2014
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I think that it was really challenging to hold a reading club, but I gained lots of things after holding the reading club.

Firstly, before holding the reading club, I have to read books in order to find out a book which is interesting as an interesting topic can attract more people to come. Secondly, it helps build up my confidence and it improves my organization skills. This is because I have to group all the participants' works and make a power-point. Furthermore, I think reading club is a pretty god choice for us to stand in front of others to share the books and ideas. Last but not least, although I do not take History as my elective, I can still learn things about it.

The reading club is fantastic and I would like to recommend other students to try to hold their own reading clubs since it is beneficial for us to do so and the most important thing is it is a good chance for us to gain experiences.

3C Gigi Li (Battle of the Books) 13. 2 .2014
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This was the first time I’ve organized an activity of any type, and I’ve learnt a lot from this experience. Through organizing my reading club, I’ve learnt how to fill in the form for announcements, and that there are quite a few things I need to consider before organizing such an activity, for example, whether there are other club activities held at the same time, which may cause people who are interested to be unable to participate in the book sharing.

3A Aimee Li (Battle of the Books)
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At the beginning, I felt nervous and confused about organizing a reading club, because I did not have this kind of experience before. However, after I had organized My Reading Club, I felt confident about sharing what I had learnt in the books and helping more students get interested in reading.

Also, reading can help me expand my vocabulary bank and improve my writing skills. Therefore, I hope everyone enjoy reading and have fun reading good books.