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  1. Opening hours:
(Winter time) 8:20 a.m. - 04:30 p.m.
Closed after school on Wednesdays
  2. Borrowing/Returning/Renewing hours:
(Winter time)
During recess
12:10 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.
04:00 p.m. - 04:30 p.m.
The library closes after school on Wednesdays. The “book drop” returning service is also not available after the library has closed. On Wednesdays, students must return books on or before the 2nd recess in the afternoon.
  3. Each Student Cardholder can borrow a total of 10 books and visual aids materials (including CRS & ERS books). Cardholders are held responsible for the proper use of the card.
  4. Reference books (R) are only accessible to students in the library normally. However, you may also borrow the books if you have approached the staff for special permission.
  5. Library books can be borrowed for a period of 2 weeks while audio-visual materials for 1 week. A cumulative fine of one dollar per day will be imposed for each overdue item after the due date (Saturday, Sunday and all school holidays included). All overdue items must be returned to the library counter in person to settle the fine, instead of dropping it/ them in the Book Drop Box outside the library.
  6. Borrowers can normally extend their loan period for 2 more weeks if the items on loan are not reserved by other people. The borrower has to bring her items to be renewed and Student Card to the library for renewal procedure on exactly the day of return. Students may also renew the loan online before the day of return. However, audio-visual materials cannot be renewed.
  7. Magazines and periodicals can be borrowed for a maximum period of 1 week. The borrowing procedure is the same as mentioned above. However, all these reading materials cannot be renewed, and the latest issue of each magazine title can only be read inside the library.
  8. The cardholder is required to pay for any damage or loss to the library materials. The charge, decided by the Teacher Librarian, will be used to replace the materials or whole set of the materials. Penalty will also be considered.
  9. No library materials are allowed to be taken out of the library unless they are properly borrowed. The Librarians and Library Prefects have the authority to inspect all the books and related materials taken out.
  10. No eating or drinking is allowed in the library.
  11. Users are required to keep quiet in the library.
  12. Users are not allowed to use the computers in the library to play computer games or visit websites for socialization, for example, Facebook, MSN, etc. Users are also not allowed to download or install illegally information from the Internet into the computers in the library
  13. Users are not allowed to bring any personal belongings into the library.
  14. The Librarians and Library Prefects have the authority to execute the School Library Regulations.
  15. The library users must pay attention to the notices posted outside and inside the library and observe them. (When the library is short of manpower, the opening hours & services will be shortened or adjusted, for security reasons.)