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2019 - 2020
I love reading very much because after I read a book, I can learn a lot of interesting words. It can improve my English skills, too. I can also learn things around the world, like people, places, etc. That’s why I love reading books.

Minnie Chan 1D
Star of the Day 2020

2018 - 2019
I like reading because it can make my knowledge grow, and I can find interesting things in books.

Angelina Yeung 1B
Star of the Day 2019

2015 - 2016
在我還沒有參加香港公共圖書館青少年讀書會之前, 我以為讀書會主持人只是會給一些書本我看, 完全沒有任何樂趣, 但當我參加了這個讀書會後, 我對讀書會改觀了! 參加讀書會是十分有樂趣的! 活動中会有導師親自講解書中內容, 讓我們明白當中的道理, 從中學習。而且每一堂讀書會都會有一個主題。導師會選擇一些圍繞該主題的書章節給我們理解及欣賞。此外, 在課堂結束前, 導師會派發一張紙, 然後在白板寫下一條問題, 讓我們作笞, 作為該課堂所學的總結。

Zoe Wong 1B
Star of the Day 2015

2014 - 2015
Books tell us the experiences and thinking of our predecessors. The habit of reading will enable us to excel with expert knowledge. We can acquire knowledge and enjoy ourselves at the same time.

Catrina Chan 1D
Star of the Day 11.2014

2013 - 2014
Reading is very important to our daily life. It has many functions. It does not just help you gain knowledge, but also help you to use your time more meaningfully. So read a right book at the right time.

Kitty Mo 5C
Star of the Day 16.5.2014

2013 - 2014

Star of the Day 21.4.2014

2013 - 2014
Books can inspire you to think how to live your own life and know how the world around you is like. There are a lot of unknowns that haven’t been discovered inside you. If you want to make some differences, through reading, it does help. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” -Dr. Seuss

Crystal Chow 4D
Star of the Day 11.4.2014

2013 - 2014
For me, reading a book is just like talking to a friend. When I feel angry, upset or sad, I read books. Books can understand what you say and what you think and you can talk to it whenever and wherever you are. So books are the best friends of all of us actually. Let’s make friends with books together!

Queenie Cheng 2B
Star of the Day 7.4.2014

2013 - 2014
For me, reading is not just for fun or academic purpose, what is more is that reading can also help develop your imagination and creativity. Besides, we can make use of this in our daily life such as when presenting a project or telling a story. That helps a lot and it enriches our original ideas and we will become different from others. That's why I love reading.

Hannah Kwok 2C
Star of the Day 3.2014

2013 - 2014
Every book is a new world with an opened door. I enjoy immersing myself in the brave new world, sentence by sentence, page by page, until I reach the last page.

Karen Cheung 1D
Star of the Day 12.11.2013

2012 - 2013
Reading can help us gain more knowledge and widen our horizons. We can explore a new world in the books. So let’s read together.

Suki Yeung 3B
Star of the Day 16.4.2013


Reading is a way to success.
And books are our good companions on the journey,
accompanying us on our way to success.

Daisy Kwok 2C

Star of the day 27.11.2012