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Reading Promotion
> Reading Promotion Plan 2016 - 2017


1. To echo the new school target - for students to master various learning strategies and to embrace higher order thinking skills - to encourage students to exchange and share their reading achievement and foster an ideal school culture for more fruitful reading outcome
2. To promote information literacy and enhance students’ ability of reading-to-learn
3. To revitalize the knowledge housed in the library, and enhance students' academic ability


A. Reading records

1. To design an Excel file to record each student’s progress and results in the Outstanding Reader Award Scheme Self-directed Reading Activities Record. The form/ Excel file will also be sent to each student through Intranet for each student to set target, record progress and evaluate herself.
2. To encourage students to contribute and share their reading achievement in the School's "Online Book Report" website and develop their own reading record there.

B. Reading Award Scheme

1. The student who has read the most books every four months.
2. The class that has read the most books every four months.
3. The class that has read the most books this year (1book =1 mark)
4. Outstanding Reader Award Scheme
- It lasts for the whole year for everyone
5. Outstanding Reader Cup Competition (If there is any)
The group or individual who introduces a book most thoroughly and enthusiastically can be the winner. There are both Junior Division and Senior Division.
Junior Division: Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up, Merits
Senior Division: Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up, Merits
***( The Outstanding Reader Cup Competition can be replaced by another reading competition this year)

C. Foster an ideal school culture for more fruitful reading outcome

1. Design and hang up banners/ inspiring quotes to foster reading atmosphere in school.
2. Broadcast the "Library Song" or choose the "Star of the Day" by drawing lot when we have reading actitivies.
- All students can have a chance to get a present or draw lots to get a present if they borrow a book the same day or the following day of each Teacher’s Book Sharing.
3. Assist the Chinese and English teachers to encourage students to share in different ways. Decorate the classrooms with the posters designed by the students to give them satisfaction and good feelings about reading.

D. Reading-related activities outside school

1. - Hong Kong Education City "Reading School" Scheme
Boards of different topics in Chinese and in English
- Online Reading Club
2. Reading Clubs: 2 – 3 times
3. My Reading Clubs: 1-2 times
4. Book Exhibitions by book dealers: 2 times
5. Small book exhibitions within the library: 2-3 times
6. Stationary boards for reading promotion: 1-2 times each
7. The library board on ground floor: 6 times
8. New/Good book display/ introduction: 10 times
9. Good book recommendations by teachers during lunchtime in Hall: 1 time
10. Lunchtime Reading Promotion Activities: 2 – 3 times
11. Reading Week: Co-operate with different subjects – Reading Carnival
12. 'My Favourite Books Election' (中學生好書龍虎榜選舉)
13. Morning assemblies for all: Once
14. A talk by a writer/ guest speaker for reading promotion
15. Training workshop on using e-resources and Internet searching skills for Form 1: 3 Morning Assemblies
16. Training workshop on how to organize “My Reading Club”
17. Library Lessons: 6 lessons for Form One & 1 lesson for Form 4

E. Reading Ambassadors

- This year, a chairlady is selected to lead the “reading to learn” group. All librarians will be involved, so as to nurture their academic abilities, leadership and promotion skills.